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Hair Extensions

With H-PRO hair extensions it’s easy to get the long locks you’ve always wanted. Our highly experienced team of stylists is trained in seamlessly applying extensions to all hair types. Our professionals will also show you how to care for and maintain your one-of-a-kind H-PRO hair extensions. H-PRO extensions are exclusively available at Hair by Hisham and are made from 100% human hair, giving you luscious hair that feels as natural as it looks.

In the event that you need to cancel, please be sure to give us a minimum of 6 hour notice.

This allows other guests to book an appointment during this time slot.

Any appointments that are canceled with less that 6 hours notice will subject to a cancellation fee of 50% of all services.

What you need to know?

Do I really need a consultation?

Absolutely. Consultations are FREE and the most important step toward having gorgeous, long, shiny hair. During your consultation, we cover your objectives and show you the different techniques and products to determine which one is best for you.

What brand of hair extensions do you use?

Hair by Hisham recommends usage of H-PRO hair extensions that we import from Russia. This premium quality virgin hair is by far the best for Keratin Tip hair in the USA. We can also provide you with other types of hair if deemed necessary during the consultation.

What is the difference between H-PRO and other brands of hair extensions?

H-PRO is the only brand that can be re-used for over two Years. We are the only salon that offers a removal and “re-keratine” service to re-use the same hair. After the initial investment in H-PRO hair you will be able to pay only for reapplication instead of purchasing hair every time.

Are hair extensions affordable?

Depending on the brand used and application methods, there are several levels of quality, length to choose from and we strive to satisfy any budget.

Will my extensions look fake?

We will offer you the most seamless application and make your hair look natural. Only your hair stylist will know. Regardless of the application method you choose, the extensions are placed one to two inches behind the hair line.

Is there any discomfort or irritability with the hair extensions?

After a couple of days you will get used to them and forget they are even there. It will become part of your hair.

Can I lead and active life with my hair extensions?

While we recommend you to be very careful with any brand of hair extensions. H-PRO is the only brand that never tangles and you can swim in the ocean with it and have nothing to worry about.

Can I wear my hair up?

The hair extensions are placed under your natural part lines, so you can wear your hair in just about any style you desire.

I don’t want to have longer hair, but just want more volume?

If all you want is volume, let your stylist know during your consultation and we will change the type of hair and application to make it happen.

Will hair extensions damage my hair?

There are no chemicals or glue used in the application process. We will not recommend any hair that could cause damage your hair. On the other hand, you must be careful with your hair because without proper care any hair could get damaged.

How do you suggest the maintenance of my extensions?

H-PRO can last you for year with proper maintenance. The speed of your hair growth will determine the scheduling of your maintenance. Maintenance typically ranges from between eight to sixteen weeks depending on the type of hair and application used.

Extensions Done Right


You can expect nothing but the best results with our line of H-PRO hair extensions. Made from 100% real Moldovan hair, one of the most elite human hair types available, our extensions will give you the locks of your dreams. H-PRO is the most high-end extension brand available in Miami, providing you with quality you can trust. Offered exclusively at Hair by Hisham locations, get yours today!


With amazing hair extensions, you need an even more talented team! We offer every customer impeccable treatment and high-quality service, so you feel and look your best. Our team of professionals is carefully trained to consistently provide your desired results. By utilizing our very own in-house brand of hair extensions, we can ensure the perfect procedure for application and maintenance so your hair looks flawless

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  • $125 Shoulder length Keratine or Hair Botox services.
    ***Surchage may apply for longer hair.